I Feel Better Than My Before My Accident

I was pretty embarrassed when I fell at work. Thankfully, only two people were witnesses to my clumsiness, and I knew that neither one of them would tease me or even take video of my laying on the ground. In fact, one of them told me I should see one of the chiropractors in San Jose when she saw it was a bit hard for me to get up. I was holding my lower back with my hand, and I ended up leaving work early because of the discomfort. I knew that my coworker was right, that I needed to see someone about this because the pain was too uncomfortable.

I looked online at different chiropractors who are close to me. I also looked at patient testimonials from all those within a few miles of me too, and there was one that impressed me the most. I liked everything I read from the satisfied patients, and I also liked the bio information on the chiropractor. What I liked best was when I called and explained about my accident that day, they were able to squeeze me in that same day. That really meant a lot to me because I thought I would have to wait at least a few days to be seen.

When I got there, it was so hard for me to sit. They took me right back, and the doctor did a quick examination that included getting some X-rays of the area where I was hurting. The good news was that there was no major damage done. I had my first ever adjustment that day, and I also had my first massage that day too. The difference just with those two things was night and day as far as my pain level was concerned. I went back a few more times, and I feel better now than I did even before I fell!

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