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Why You Should Drink Less Soda

How Popular are Sodas

Today, in the United States, sugary sodas are taking the place of healthier drinks like milk. There are lots of television and radio ads about sodas trying to get your attention to buy their sodas, but what they don’t tell you is how bad they are for you. These sodas, filled with sugar, cause not only weight gain, but type 2 diabetes as well. People who consume 1-2 cans per day of sugar, sodas have a 26% higher risk of chronic diseases like type 2 diabetes and heart disease along with obesity according to Harvard University.

How Much Sugar in Sodas

In a 20 ounce bottle of one sugar, soda it has 16-20 teaspoons of sugar. However, millions of Americans drink more than one 20 ounce bottle of soda per day. The more cans or bottles you drink, the more sugar you consume, which leads to weight gain. Some people believe that sodas fill you up, but they don’t. In fact, sugar increases hunger that leads to obesity. Suppose you had a high-calorie meal at McDonald’s with a sugar drink, you increased your calorie intake even more, up to over a 1000 calories.

Obesity is on The Increase

In the United States, 2 out of 3 adults are obese and 1 out of 3 children are also obese from drinking sugary drinks and that number will continue to increase over time. If you want to decrease your risk of developing type 2 diabetes, then stop drinking these high-fructose sodas. Instead, choose healthy drinks like milk or sparkling water. That way you will lower your risk of adult-onset diabetes.

Sugar Turns Into Fat in The Liver

Sugar is composed of two molecules: glucose and fructose. Glucose metabolizes every cell in your body while fructose metabolizes only in your liver. When we consume these sugary sodas, our liver becomes overloaded and, as a result, the liver will store more fat, which makes us overweight. Some of the fat turns into high triglycerides (fats in the blood) that can lead to heart disease over time.

Increases Belly Fat

Sugar, especially fructose, stores body fat around your belly and other organs as well called visceral fat. During a 10 week study, 32 people drank two kinds of beverages, either glucose or fructose. People who drank glucose beverages had only subcutaneous fat (not related to metabolic diseases) while on the other hand, people who drank high-fructose sodas, had an increase of visceral fat that leads to metabolic diseases.

High Fructose Drinks Linked to Heart Disease

During the 60s and 70s studies have found that regular sodas were related to certain diseases like adult-onset diabetes, high triglycerides, (fats in the blood) and high cholesterol which can lead to heart attacks and strokes.

Risk of Cancer in Sugary Sodas

In a study of 60,000 men and women, those who drank regular soda had an 87% increased risk of developing pancreatic cancer. In women after menopause, they were found to have an increased risk of endometrial cancer and an increase in colon cancer in both men and women.

Risk of Tooth Decay

Eventually, drinking too many regular sodas will cause tooth decay. Sodas have both phosphoric acid and carbonic acid which causes your mouth to be acidic. Sugar provides digestible energy for bad bacteria in the mouth; however, combine this with acids, it’s a disaster for your teeth and gums.

How to Stay Healthier

If you want to stay healthier over time and lose weight, avoid these sugary sodas. It will pay overtime.


The Importance Good Nutrition For Your Kids

In today’s world of fast food, parents are rightly concerned about their children getting adequate nutrition. One problem is that children can be fussy eaters. Having access to sugary junk food does not help that problem either. Some children will only eat certain foods. A big problem in food control is that the child will refuse food at the table, and then ask for an unhealthy snack later, or maybe sneak a cookie from an unsuspecting grandparent or aunt.

To cover the bases, it is a good idea to supplement with vitamins for children. Even if the diet is adequate, due to modern farming methods where foods are grown on depleted soil, it is a good idea to supplement to make up for the difference. It is no longer the day of small farms, where vegetable refuse and manure was added to the soil to enrich it. Today, the fields are stripped of vitamins and minerals.

There are companies that create and package vitamins in a way that will appeal to children. This can involve fun shapes and color. It may also involve child-oriented shakes enriched with vitamins. While many are using gummy bear type vitamins, it is important to realize that may be a bad idea. The gummy part is not good for the teeth. They stick to the teeth. Also, children may treat gummy vitamins like candy and take too many. That is not good. Too much of a good thing can be bad when it comes to vitamins. If a child does take too many vitamins, contact your health care professional or even the local poison control facility.

Sometimes a pediatrician prescribes vitamins for a child. If so, purchase the best available. There are differences in quality. Vitamins are held in debate among doctors. Some feel they are necessary. Some feel that they are not necessary if people are eating properly. The fact is, who really follows the Food Pyramid? Do you as an adult get five to seven servings of fruits and vegetables every day? Does your child? Supplementation is a good idea, but you can contact the pediatrician first.

One thing is certain. Vitamins are not meant as a replacement for good food. Nor are they supposed to be a quick fix for an ongoing junk food diet. Teach your child about nutrition. Do things to make nutritious foods taste good. Make good eating fun. You can have a child help prepare the meal in some small way. You can find an alternative for foods a child does not like. For example, if a child does not like milk, see if she will eat raw almonds, which contain calcium. Let your child help pick out some fruits and vegetables when you go shopping. Make vegetable pizzas for lunch or dinner. By using some of these tips you will find you can help your child have a better diet and get the nutrition he or she needs.


Benefit Real Food

Many of you have seen “What The Health” for some strange reason some of you have concluded that the information was biased. Well, I stand as living proof that a whole food plant-based lifestyle is the only lifestyle proven to reverse and prevent! Heart disease, diabetes, and cancer just to name a few.

I would love an opportunity to share the principles of our Whole-Person Plant-Strong Lifestyle Movement with your community. Our Whole-Person Plant-Strong lifestyle is built on principles that I live each day. I am 49 years old even with celiac, arthritis, and vitiligo, I am not on any prescription drugs. I have a blood pressure of 98 over 69 my cholesterol is 172, my glucose is 100, and I weigh 135 pounds. I am healthier now than I have ever been in my life

It makes me sad, and very angry, to see so many of us eating ourselves to death! I would love to teach you how to exchange your traditional recipes for their healthier, more affordable, nutritious, plant-based varieties. It’s time out for existing in denial. It’s time to live the abundant God designed life, we were all created for with hope, in freedom with Liberty! Please join us on this journey of living a life with fewer regrets!

Guidelines on the Go!

Eating on the go guidelines:. Remember we don’t have control over that is being produced in grocery stores or restaurants.However,we do have control over what we choose to buy and consume.

These little changes will make a difference. If the missing elements in our lifestyle are vitamins and minerals why do we focus on protein? That one nutrient is not going to help to achieve the goal of total Health and Wellness.

One of the goals of our movement is to consume colorful whole, unprocessed foods as close to the way God created them as possible. Eat smaller portions, slowly, around a table with others.

When you’re out and on-the-go remember the rainbow is always the most important requirement. The essential color being green. Make sure you consume dark rich colors red, orange, yellow and purple the more vibrant the colors, the more nutritious the option.

Before you order or eat anything ask yourself

5 questions

1 Is this real food, can I recognize and pronounce the ingredients?

2 If I left it out on my counter would it spoil?

3 Will this add to or take away from the good bacteria in your digestive tract? (Remember your digestive system feeds on healthy bacteria like fiber.)

4 Will this choice lead to reward or regret?

5 Is this going to make me feel good and energized, or bad and lethargic?

Mindset shift:

Free your mind of your old way of thinking, and your life will follow.

Call to Action:

Begin to consume your meals on smaller plates this is an excellent way to control portions.


Old habits: Large processed food options, eating extremely fast alone in a car.

New habit: Smaller whole plant derived meals eaten slow, with others at a table.

Please join us on this journey of living a life with fewer regrets!

Providing hope, freedom, and liberty, for individuals trapped in unhealthy relationships, with the foods they eat, and the relationships that are eating them


All About Fat Burning Kitchen

Are you looking for more information about Fat Burning Kitchen? This is a very popular nutrition guide which provides readers with helpful tips to reduce their excessive body fats through many effective and innovative ways. When most people decide for a dieting plan, they usually consider buying and consuming some expensive health supplements or some sort of miracle weight loss pills. The problem is, these kinds of synthetic supplements and weight loss pills can never deliver a great long-lasting result. Moreover, these techniques can be quite harmful to health.

How is this book different from others?: The major aim of this extremely popular eBook is to assist readers in implementing a complete transformation of their diets by excluding the dangerous and potential unhealthy foods. Also, the book thoroughly guides them through replacing those hazardous foods with some natural green vegetables, the bunch of fruits and healthy foods etc which have a genuine fat burning effect. With this detailed approach and by analyzing all of the beneficial nutritional information, this book has helped many to plan their diets accurately and to make educated dietary decisions properly.

About the author and this book: Created by the certified personal trainer and certified nutrition specialist, Mike Geary, the book is an excellent blueprint which reflects Mike’s several years of research and analysis in the nutrition and fitness industry. He has always been a widely published author, you can find his advice in the articles that are mainly featured in Oxygen Magazine and Muscle & Fitness Magazine. No doubt, this book is a collective consolidation of various elements which accurately helps readers in creating a sustained weight loss along with an overall healthier and balanced lifestyle.

Major Pros:

1. This famous book is written by two eminent nutrition experts.

2. The book is very easy to read, the guidelines are neither too long nor too complex, and the tips are really simple to adhere and apply.

3. The book dispels a lot of common nutritional facts and myths with a scientific explanation.

4. It not only helps members to burn excessive body fat but also guides them to lead a healthy lifestyle.

5. The book also comes with some detailed videos with additional helpful nutritional information about their health.

Cons: It might take some time to obtain a significant result. However, the approaches that are mentioned in this book are purely natural, hence following these guidelines will give a much better result than consuming harmful pills or chemical supplements.

The final takeaway: This diet plan will effectively heal joints, boost the metabolism system, and melt away all unwanted stubborn body fat. No doubt, this is the most effective way to lose belly fat and other trouble spots associated with it. It will also greatly assist members towards reversing their normal aging process. Unquestionably, this eBook is found to be a great blueprint with various weight loss tips that we have used, hence we highly recommend it for those who are seeking to improve their health and reduce weight.


How To Lose Your Weight By Low Carb Diet

Losing weight is one of the most strenuous tasks that overweight people face in their weight loss journey. Many of the people are not educated in this sector and end up following diets that do more harm than good. Yes, there are certain diets specifically tailored for certain body shapes, but if you want to lose weight quickly and effectively, then low-carb diets are the one to follow.

Low-carb Diet

A low-carb diet is the one that is moderately, or sometimes extremely, low on carbohydrates that are found in abundance in grains, fruits, starchy vegetables, wheat products and pasta. Being low on the carbohydrates, this diet is excessively high in proteins and fat derived from the animal and the vegetables alike.

How a Low-carb Diet Works?

The intake of the products high in carbohydrates causes the insulin levels to spike. The high amount of insulin locks the fat which leads to the burning of the glucose instead of the fat.

A person loses the most weight during the initial period of the low-carb diets. The reason for this is because the low levels of the insulin in the body causes the kidneys to shed an excessive amount of sodium. Moreover, the carbs in the bodies are stored in the form of glycogen. The glycogen binds water molecules to the liver and muscles. When the level of the carbohydrates reduces in the blood stream, the amount of glycogen automatically reduces, bringing the level of water down with it.

The initial reduction in the intake of the carbohydrates leads the body to lose sodium along with water which leads to the most weight loss in the initial period.

Foods to Target on a Low-carb Diet

A low-carb diet requires the individuals to cut down on the high carbohydrate foods. What this means is that the people would need to tailor a specific diet that is high in protein and fats. Fortunately, there are a plethora of healthy alternatives that are extremely high in healthy fats as well as protein.

Meat and Poultry: Meat includes every type of unprocessed meat that you can imagine such as beef, lamb, veal, and pork. When it comes to poultry, always try to eat turkey, chicken, duck and any other fowl with their skins. The processed meat should be avoided at all costs but if your cravings take over you then always opt for one that has the lowest amount of carbs in it.

Seafood: Always avoid cultured or farmed fish or shellfish. Instead, choose wild or freshly caught seafood.

Healthy Fats: All the fats and oils that are solid at room temperatures such as lard, butter, and ghee are extremely healthy. Avoid trans-fat and hydrogenated oils.

All in all, everything in this diet is recommended except the foods that are high in sugars, starches, and inflammatory oils.


Behind The Story Successful Diet

Successful Diets and Why Most Diets are Doomed to Failure

Is there a reason why some people go on successful diets while the majority are doomed to failure? The reason most diets are doomed to failure at the outset could be because of a simple mistake. This simple mistake is made by millions of people worldwide; millions of people, who have no idea why they struggle, week after week, while others seem to do well and achieve their goals.

No doubt you’ve been there, we probably all have. I was one of those people who made this simple mistake, the mistake that stopped me from losing any significant, or meaningful, weight without a gargantuan struggle. It wasn’t until I understood, really understood, the very literal way the subconscious mind, the part that runs our body, reacts to the way we think and speak, that I stopped making it.

If you’ve ever been on a successful diet in the past you somehow avoided making the mistake and that’s why you succeeded. Then, if you put the weight back on again, and most people do, and you went back on the original successful diet, only to find it didn’t work this time, you made the simple mistake.

The Simple Mistake that Stops Successful Diets in their Tracks

So, what is the simple mistake made by millions of unsuspecting dieters? The simple mistake they make is, they ‘go on a diet,’ or, ‘start a diet’ and when they ‘go on a diet’ that’s what they get, ‘a diet.’ What is a diet? Everyone who has ever been on a diet or on lots of diets knows what a diet is for them; this information is already downloaded into their subconscious mind.

For most people diets are hard, they comprise deprivation, calorie counting and denial. When you go ‘on a diet’ you will get all of that, and whatever else a diet means to you, and that may be all you’ll get, because going on a diet is as foolish as going on a journey.

Imagine setting off in your car, ‘on a journey,’ without a destination? A journey means travelling and so you would, on this journey, just drive round and round. You’d have to fill up with fuel every so often and probably you’d sleep in the car. The journey would go on until you decided on a destination. However, the idea of anyone being foolish enough to do that is so bizarre that you cannot imagine any sane person setting off on a ‘journey.’

Going, ‘on a diet’ without a final destination is just a crazy, for the same reason going on a journey without a destination is mad. When you get up to go somewhere, you have to have a destination in mind, don’t you? Even if it’s just the kitchen or the toilet you are going to, you have to direct your actions. That’s why, simply going ‘on a diet’ is utter madness yet that is what hundreds of thousands of otherwise intelligent people are doing, worldwide, every day.

On their ‘diet’ they turn down cake and treats, they count calories, cut out carbs, and increase exercise and then, when the diet doesn’t work they tell themselves they lack the willpower needed to succeed. Yet, what if, just what if, it wasn’t so much the lack of willpower but the lack of a final destination that was creating the problem? Your subconscious mind will take you unerringly towards the focus of you attention, if your attention is on ‘diet,’ then ‘diet’ it is.

You’ll never get slim by going on a ‘diet’ but you may get slim if you ‘diet’ to reach your goal of your ideal size and weight and that’s what successful dieters do.

I help people to create their final destination and give them tools to keep it in mind, and keep walking towards it, until they arrive there. Successful diets seem to be out of the reach of most people but they no longer need to be for you.


All About Gluten Free Diet

Gluten is a combination of a variety of proteins that is found most often in wheat and other grains like rye and barley. In baked goods it adds the chewiness and texture to the products. It is also used in other foods as a thickener for broths and soups, protein supplement, and flavor enhancer. Some develop an intolerance or allergy to gluten and have to go on a gluten free diet. This happens because your body is unable to break down or digest the gluten protein. If you are new to this type of diet here are some things that you should know.

Gluten free is not more nutritious

Many people have the misconception that foods that are gluten free have more minerals and vitamins but this is not true. You can develop mineral and vitamin deficiencies quickly if you do not have the guidance of a nutritionist. Most of the foods that are not fortified or enriched with nutrients like iron and folic acid that wheat flours are. When you get rid of gluten, it will often mean adding more fat and sugar to your diet. When you take out the gluten the food will probably not taste as good so they add extra sodium, fat, and sugar to make up for the lack of taste. For example, a regular blueberry muffin has 340 calories with 24 grams of sugar and 17 grams of fat. Gluten free blueberry muffins have 370 calories and 31 grams of sugar and 13 grams of fat.

You could gain weight

Some think that when they go on gluten free diets that they will start to lose weight but there is no evidence that going gluten free is a good strategy to lose the extra weight. The reason that this diet could lead to obesity or being overweight is the extra calories, fat, and sugar. Those that have celiac disease, which is caused by gluten, will often gain weight when they first go free of gluten. This is because of the damage that gluten had caused to their small intestine prevents their body from digesting food the right way. Once gluten has been given up their digestive system will heal so they can absorb key nutrients and vitamins from the foods they are eating.

Your grocery bill may increase

Food that is free of this substance is more expensive that food that is not. It can be double the price or more. For example, a serving of regular brownies costs approximately 8 cents but for a serving of gluten free brownie is approximately 28 cents. One reason that they are more expensive is the added costs that the manufacturer incurs in order to meet labeling and certification regulations.


Things You Must Consider About Asthma

The Mayo Clinic, representing more than 3,300 physicians, scientists and researchers, says that it isn’t clear why only some people get asthma. According to their research the cause of asthma is genetic and environmental. This means it is passed on through families and triggered by environmental exposure. Of course, there are cases that are purely hereditary and cases that are purely environmental. For example, a chronic smoker can get asthma even if they have no genetic disposition. For average people, the main concern is to eliminate the environmental causes of asthma, especially for young children who may develop the disease from exposure. There is actually 3 things you can do to greatly reduce the environmental exposure to irritants that cause asthma.

The first thing is eliminating toxins. The big ones are pet dander, Volatile Organic Compounds, such as smoke, and dust. The grand majority of dust is circulated through the home by the central heating and cooling air duct systems. This is where duct cleaning or proper window treatment and caulking goes a long way. This is a simple step that gets big results. Removing those pounds of dust is very effective and it is important to keep dust from coming in.

The last and most important thing to avoid for asthma is cold or polluted air. Weird how very frigid air can provoke asthma, but a repeated strain on the respiratory system in the form of cold air does this. Then there is the obvious mainly considered reason: pollution! In terms of pollution, we have the most control by using electronic air filters for our indoor air and regularly changing air filters like in our cars. Those three things will give you deep, fresh breathing!


First Things To Do When Asthma Comes

Asthma is one of the most aggravating diseases that humans may suffer. It involves the very breath of life. One of the characteristic features of this disorder is that between attacks the victim may appear and feel as normal as anyone else and yet in a very short time may be in an attack so severe as to cause him to wish for the end of life.

Asthma is a paroxysmal difficulty of breathing resulting from sudden spasm of the bronchial tubes or their minute branches, or sudden swelling of the mucous membrane of these tubes. What produces the hypersensitiveness of the respiratory membrane, which is necessary to the production of asthma, may be difficult to determine. It is associated, however, with heart disease (cardiac asthma), kidney disease (renal asthma) or some outside irritant (hay asthma), or from minor causes. A protein sensitization often underlies the condition. Bronchial, nervous or essential asthma is a form for which a leading cause cannot be discovered, though usually there has been inherited a neurotic temperament.

The symptoms of asthma are comparatively similar in the majority of cases. The spasmodic attacks come on suddenly, but without regularity as a rule. Any condition which gives rise to excitation of the nervous system may cause the attacks. Sometimes these paroxysms develop more gradually and are preceded by a sensation of oppression in the chest or frequent or increased urination or a belching of gas, etc. When the attack comes on, breathing is very difficult, particularly the exhalation of each breath. In severe cases the patients often sit with elbows on a chair or desk or table or stand with the elbows elevated by some object in order to be able to use to the fullest all of the auxiliary muscles of breathing.

In these severe attacks the lips become blue and the cheeks pale, the nostrils are dilated and the eyes bulged and the entire facial expression is one of anxiety. The pulse is rapid and the perspiration is copious. The breathing is not rapid, but is difficult and wheezing. There is a sensation as if one is being choked or smothered. Often it is necessary to open a window, or to sit in the open window to secure all the fresh air possible. There often is a cough, which may continue for quite some time before any matter is brought up for expectoration. This matter is tenacious and stringy.

The attacks may subside gradually, but often pass quite suddenly. Their duration may be a few minutes only or many hours. They may be repeated every night or quite frequently or not for several weeks or even for several months. Irritating vapor or fumes or a damp atmosphere may help produce or prolong an attack. Attacks frequently come on at night.

Hay asthma is quite different from the ordinary varieties. It is excited by such irritating substances as plant pollen, dust, animal emanations and such. The first symptom resembles an acute catarrh of the respiratory passages, which causes sufficient swelling of the mucous membrane to interfere with breathing.

Asthma primarily is a nervous disease, but when continued for many years in a severe form the patient may become gaunt, sallow and hollow checked, and the chest may become deformed.

Treatment. This is another constitutional disease, hence must have constitutional treatment. Because of the underlying neurotic or highly nervous temperament this condition may respond less readily than do many other diseases, but there have been numerous cases where all symptoms have disappeared permanently. Numerous factors may be necessary in the treatment, but diet will be the first factor in most instances. In any case it will be necessary to build up the nervous energy and to detoxicate as completely as possible.

The most reliable treatment is an absolute fast, which if necessary may continue for as long as twenty, thirty or more days, depending upon the patient’s weight, strength and energy. After the fast or in cases where the fast cannot be used the citrus fruits, particularly the grapefruit, will be of very great benefit. This fruit particularly seems to aid in clearing the bronchial tubes of accumulated mucus and in bringing new mucus-forming elements to the tubes by the blood-stream.

After the fast or fruit diet the milk diet may be used with considerable benefit by a great many patients, particularly those who are below normal in weight and those whose nervous energy seems much below normal. But in a fair percentage of cases this diet seems to disagree. Temporarily it does tend to cause the throwing off of mucus, through its effect in speeding up the circulation, alkalinizing the system and aiding in throwing out waste products. But this eliminative effect is so pronounced occasionally that the patient’s breathing is interfered with to such an extent that another diet may have to be considered.

There is no specific diet for treating this disease, but a great many cases do well with two or three light meals a day of the simplest combinations of fruits, vegetables, whole-grain cereals and milk. The whole grain cereals preferably should be in the form of dry toast. This diet should include citrus fruits, berries and melons, but white sugar should be rigidly avoided and brown sugars should be used sparingly, and all of the fruits and berries should be used wholly unsweetened.

It is necessary that asthmatics live as nearly as possible out of doors. Not only must their lungs receive an abundance of fresh air, but they must be lightly enough dressed that the entire body is air-bathed regularly. However, it is important that they avoid chilling. Warmth of the body is important to prevent an internal congestion that may light up or aggravate an attack. Clothing should be loose at all points – no constriction even of the extremities being permissible.

Between attacks moderate exercises will be very beneficial. No specific exercises are required, but all active sports that the patient can indulge in or general setting-up exercises that involve deep breathing and the arm and chest muscles should be used. Spinal compresses and massage and spinal manipulations, particularly those in the nature of osteopathic treatments, will be of great benefit in many of these cases. Many attacks of asthma cm be checked or shortened by properly given packs or manipulations. Packs over the front of the chest, over the upper half of the back, or the cross-chest pack over the shoulders and involving the entire rib area, may be used with great relief and benefit. These cross-chest packs should be applied cold and covered thoroughly with dry flannel. Heat by any continuous means to the upper spine or the upper chest will give relief as a rule. The drinking of an abundance of hot water is relaxing and often will help to abort or shorten an attack. Inhalation of steam from a tea-kettle by the use of a suitable funnel may be of help in relieving the spasms.

In many cases it is necessary to avoid cold applications until considerable general improvement has been secured. Many attacks have been produced by cold applied to the chest or upper back, and yet some of the best ultimate results have been obtained where this treatment has been employed. Much depends upon one’s individual response to such treatment. If it can be used without starting an attack it can be considered a very beneficial type of treatment. The electric cabinet bath relieves very quickly in many cases because of its sweat-producing, relaxing effect. It should be followed by a tepid shower or sponge, terminated by the cold shower or sponge if possible.

The use of vapors for the specific effect of quieting an attack of asthma should be avoided if possible, also the injection of adrenalin chloride. These remedies for the attacks have no effect upon the underlying conditions and often interfere with the progress of the case under natural treatment. However, there are attacks so severe or patients in such an exhausted condition that such relief is preferable to a continuation of the attack when any natural procedure will not give the desired relief. Adrenalin is an internal secretion production, hence is not wholly foreign to the body and may be considered much better than the leaves and powders that arc used by burning.

As invaluable for their palliative effect as these remedies are in relieving acute attacks, constitutional treatment as outlined is vitally important and must be depended upon if a permanent cure is to be established. In a great many cases all that is required is the proper diet and adequate elimination, with improved skin activity. It is necessary also that the patient should cultivate relaxation, not only physical but mental and emotional. This will help a great deal in preventing attacks, and during an attack. If the patient can secure mental relaxation much will be done towards hastening the termination of the attack.


Things You Should Know About Bronchitis

Bronchitis is an inflammation of the mucous membrane of the bronchial tube and its branches. It may be acute or chronic; it may involve one side or both; it may affect the larger or only the minor portions of the tube, or it may involve the whole bronchial system.

The most frequent occasions (usually called causes) for bronchitis are colds, improperly treated or neglected, or irritating inhalations of smoke, dust, gas or fumes. Becoming chilled after being heated may result in an attack if there is an injurious degree of toxemia. Certain trades tend to the production of such irritation to cause bronchitis: stone-cutting, milling, carpentering, paper-hanging, etc. Inhalation of tobacco smoke or tobacco dust is one of the most prolific causes. Living in overheated quarters with the air insufficiently moistened is somewhat common in American city dwellings, and such conditions may lead to bronchitis.

Acute bronchitis results from an accumulation of toxins in the body, making it necessary for the body to call upon the mucous surfaces of the respiratory tract for additional elimination. Aside from the causes already given, acute bronchitis may accompany other acute diseases.

The symptoms are quite abrupt, the condition itself beginning with a sudden fever, often accompanied by a chill. Fever sometimes, however, is absent. Cough is the most prominent symptom. This may be frequent and hard with no expectoration, especially for the first two or three days. There usually is soreness back of the breast-bone. Gradually the cough becomes somewhat productive, there being a tenacious mucous accumulation which is expelled with considerable difficulty. Its presence in the bronchial tube causes a wheezing or humming sound upon breathing. The cough may be so frequent and severe as to result in headache, dizziness, nausea and perhaps vomiting.

The cough gradually lessens after a few days and is more productive, the expectorated matter being thick and more or less greenish, a mixture of mucus and pus. The condition frequently causes bronchopneumonia in children and old persons, through extension to the lung tissue, when neglected, improperly treated, or when the toxemia is so extreme that the body needs the increased surface of the lungs for elimination. Within a week these bronchial symptoms usually disappear in mild cases, and within two weeks in the more severe cases, though the trouble may linger on for a month or more. Considerable depends upon the patient’s inherent vitality and recuperative powers and upon the strictness with which proper treatment is carried out.

Chronic bronchitis may be either chronic from the beginning or may result from frequent or repeated attacks of acute bronchitis. The inhalation of dust or smoke is one of the most frequent causes. Cough and expectoration are the leading symptoms, the cough being quite obstinate, especially in the morning and evening and during the night. It often prevents sufficient sleep for the patient to recover quickly. The cough may cause vomiting. There may or may not be any substance expectorated. What is brought up may be tinged with blood. During the summer the symptoms may subside or disappear entirely, only to return upon the appearance of cold weather.

Treatment. In acute cases it is necessary to remove any cause of direct irritation of the bronchial tubes. Usually when properly treated an acute case will subside in a few days. The “fruit fast” is very helpful in these cases and should continue until the temperature has been normal for twenty-four hours. The daily enema should be given, with plenty of water to drink. Fresh air is very important, but a cold wind over the patient should be avoided. A blanket-pack will help materially in the general efforts of the body toward elimination. Every two or three days the general pack may be substituted for the local pack to the chest. Hot compresses or heat by a therapeutic lamp over the upper chest will be very soothing in case the cough is very distressing. After any hot treatment there should be a cold application for a minute or so, then careful drying and adequate covering. A “sun-bath” over the upper chest by a sun lamp will help greatly in this condition. After the symptoms have subsided, the patient may gradually return to a diet more ample in quantity and consisting of any natural food desired. Of course, the quantities should be only gradually increased. There is no definite curative diet needed after the acute condition has subsided, though the fruit and strict milk diet would be very valuable at this time.

Chronic bronchitis makes it necessary to treat the entire body, because the condition is not local, but is due to a systemic toxemia, with the selection of the bronchial mucous membrane for the point of elimination when the other channels of elimination are functioning insufficiently to take care of the encumbrances. In these cases the repeated complete fast or fruit diet will be of great value, continued for from three to eight or ten days depending upon the strength and vitality of the patient and the effects of the fast. The milk diet is a very excellent diet to follow a fast or to use between these repeated fasts. It is especially recommended if the patient is below normal in weight and vitality. If the patient is normal or above normal, the milk diet may be used with benefit, but with a reduction in the amount of the milk sufficient to maintain normal weight or permit of a slow loss in weight.

In this chronic condition, steam-baths or other sweat-baths once or twice a week will be very helpful. They should of course be followed by a cold or cool bath and vigorous friction. The hot shower bath, in which the water is allowed to play alternately upon the upper back and the upper chest, terminated with a decidedly cool or cold shower, is an excellent treatment. Cold chest packs covered by dry flannel so that warmth is re-established; local heat to the upper chest followed by cold applications; hot compresses; steam inhalations; massage and spinal manipulation, are all of considerable benefit, and any of these may be used.

The patient should engage in walking, and practice moderate deep breathing as much as possible within reason, if it is necessary to improve the general vitality. Water should be drunk copiously, as a rule. Plenty of bulk must be in the diet for adequate bowel activity, or the enema or special aids, such as agar-agar or mineral oil or their emulsions, should be used.

Gradually increasing amounts of general exercise are of great benefit, but is important that the patient secure plenty of relaxation. Too much exercise or exercise of too strenuous nature is apt to increase the coughing. Natural sun-baths and air-baths should be obtained frequently. It should not be necessary for a person with bronchitis to change climate, though sometimes a warm dry inland climate is most advantageous in cases where there is much expectoration. Where there is a non-productive cough, the sea-shore may be of benefit. But regardless of a change in climate, if one does not live in a way to keep the systemic toxemia down to a minimum there is not likely to be a permanent cure.

The diet to follow generally should consist largely of the most natural foods obtainable – ^green and root vegetables, cooked and raw, fruits, whole grain cereals, milk in some form and nuts or cottage cheese for the chief protein. Meats should be used very moderately, and all refined sugars and their products should be avoided. Only a very moderate amount of fat, such as cream, butter and olive oil, and of starches should be used, until one becomes able to indulge quite freely in physical activity.

The cough of both acute and chronic bronchitis can as a rule be greatly relieved by teaspoonful doses of equal parts of honey and lemon juice taken every two or three hours.


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