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Tips To Avoid Child Obesity

Children of any age do not feed themselves; they don’t go to the supermarket and buy their food. They do not decide on the weekly menu. They do not buy sodas or artificial snacks; they eat what you, as a parent, give them to eat. We all know that school meals lack a lot in nutrition and are abundant on grease and carbohydrates. As parents we also know that many times it has been easier to buy fast food on the way home after a tough day than it is to cook something nutritious and healthy. We are responsible for our children’s well being; it is our hands to prevent our child from becoming a diabetic at an early age.

There are things you can do before it is too late, now is the time to do them. There isn’t much you can do about the school menu, but you can speak with the person in charge of the cafeteria to keep your child away from the mashed potatoes and fried food. Ask this person to help you by giving your kid salad, fruit and food which has little or no fat and carbohydrates. If this does not work, pack him a lunch to take to school. A little sacrifice on your part will go a long way for your child’s health.

Plan your dinner menus ahead of time. Keep the carbohydrates down and add more fresh products like salad and less pasta and fatty foods. We know you are tired after a long day at work so program to do part of the week’s cooking on Saturday or Sunday, put it in the fridge so all you have to do is warm it up and serve. This will save you preparation time and will be easier on your tired feet and brain. Avoid second servings for the children and taking their dinner to their rooms. Dinner at the table allows for family time and it also permits you to control food intake.

If your kids do not like sports, it is fine too. Take them for a walk in the park, or cruise the mal with them for half an hour to one hour. Believe it or not, walking is a great exercise and calorie burner. Keep a tight control over games, computers and television sets, assign your children shores in the garden and pay them a little something when these shores are done. The exercise, the sun, the job and payment will do wonders for their spirits and bodies too. You have to be creative to keep them on the move, hibernating or hanging out on a cushion or bed is bad for them. Plan trips to the local museum or amusement park, or community swimming pool; make them walk, make them move around, exercise is the key to health.

Sweets, junk food and sodas are your greatest enemies. Do not keep them at home, this does not mean you will never eat or drink them; sure you can, but do it occasionally and not as a routine. Kids do not need dessert every night, leave it for special occasions. They do not need sodas, sodas do not even quench your thirst, help them to get used to drinking water, lots of water every day. The same thing goes for junk food; leave it for the times you are out of the house, at the mall, or the movies anywhere but inside your house. Teach your kids to eat well and they will live well.

Go the extra mile today and your children will get used to good food and drink. They will grow stronger and feel better when they exercise and spend time outdoors. They will learn to manage their time better and will become better students and will communicate better with you and between themselves when they lose that horrible addiction to video games and television. Restraining their gaming and television watching time will help them to learn communication and interaction skills they do not need now because they communicate with machines, not people.

It is not easy and we know that the younger generations have fallen into a lethal trap. They have lost their ability to express feelings and to communicate thoughts. If this goes on for too long it is possible that they will not speak or think anymore. They themselves will become machines. Some of horrible episodes we see today on the news have started with a lonely kid who is locked within himself and his mind; a kid who hates himself because he is fat or different from his peers. This is the age of communication, it is true, but we should be communicating between us not with machines. We should use all these contraptions to improve human communication not loneliness.


Why You Should Drink Less Soda

How Popular are Sodas

Today, in the United States, sugary sodas are taking the place of healthier drinks like milk. There are lots of television and radio ads about sodas trying to get your attention to buy their sodas, but what they don’t tell you is how bad they are for you. These sodas, filled with sugar, cause not only weight gain, but type 2 diabetes as well. People who consume 1-2 cans per day of sugar, sodas have a 26% higher risk of chronic diseases like type 2 diabetes and heart disease along with obesity according to Harvard University.

How Much Sugar in Sodas

In a 20 ounce bottle of one sugar, soda it has 16-20 teaspoons of sugar. However, millions of Americans drink more than one 20 ounce bottle of soda per day. The more cans or bottles you drink, the more sugar you consume, which leads to weight gain. Some people believe that sodas fill you up, but they don’t. In fact, sugar increases hunger that leads to obesity. Suppose you had a high-calorie meal at McDonald’s with a sugar drink, you increased your calorie intake even more, up to over a 1000 calories.

Obesity is on The Increase

In the United States, 2 out of 3 adults are obese and 1 out of 3 children are also obese from drinking sugary drinks and that number will continue to increase over time. If you want to decrease your risk of developing type 2 diabetes, then stop drinking these high-fructose sodas. Instead, choose healthy drinks like milk or sparkling water. That way you will lower your risk of adult-onset diabetes.

Sugar Turns Into Fat in The Liver

Sugar is composed of two molecules: glucose and fructose. Glucose metabolizes every cell in your body while fructose metabolizes only in your liver. When we consume these sugary sodas, our liver becomes overloaded and, as a result, the liver will store more fat, which makes us overweight. Some of the fat turns into high triglycerides (fats in the blood) that can lead to heart disease over time.

Increases Belly Fat

Sugar, especially fructose, stores body fat around your belly and other organs as well called visceral fat. During a 10 week study, 32 people drank two kinds of beverages, either glucose or fructose. People who drank glucose beverages had only subcutaneous fat (not related to metabolic diseases) while on the other hand, people who drank high-fructose sodas, had an increase of visceral fat that leads to metabolic diseases.

High Fructose Drinks Linked to Heart Disease

During the 60s and 70s studies have found that regular sodas were related to certain diseases like adult-onset diabetes, high triglycerides, (fats in the blood) and high cholesterol which can lead to heart attacks and strokes.

Risk of Cancer in Sugary Sodas

In a study of 60,000 men and women, those who drank regular soda had an 87% increased risk of developing pancreatic cancer. In women after menopause, they were found to have an increased risk of endometrial cancer and an increase in colon cancer in both men and women.

Risk of Tooth Decay

Eventually, drinking too many regular sodas will cause tooth decay. Sodas have both phosphoric acid and carbonic acid which causes your mouth to be acidic. Sugar provides digestible energy for bad bacteria in the mouth; however, combine this with acids, it’s a disaster for your teeth and gums.

How to Stay Healthier

If you want to stay healthier over time and lose weight, avoid these sugary sodas. It will pay overtime.


The Importance Good Nutrition For Your Kids

In today’s world of fast food, parents are rightly concerned about their children getting adequate nutrition. One problem is that children can be fussy eaters. Having access to sugary junk food does not help that problem either. Some children will only eat certain foods. A big problem in food control is that the child will refuse food at the table, and then ask for an unhealthy snack later, or maybe sneak a cookie from an unsuspecting grandparent or aunt.

To cover the bases, it is a good idea to supplement with vitamins for children. Even if the diet is adequate, due to modern farming methods where foods are grown on depleted soil, it is a good idea to supplement to make up for the difference. It is no longer the day of small farms, where vegetable refuse and manure was added to the soil to enrich it. Today, the fields are stripped of vitamins and minerals.

There are companies that create and package vitamins in a way that will appeal to children. This can involve fun shapes and color. It may also involve child-oriented shakes enriched with vitamins. While many are using gummy bear type vitamins, it is important to realize that may be a bad idea. The gummy part is not good for the teeth. They stick to the teeth. Also, children may treat gummy vitamins like candy and take too many. That is not good. Too much of a good thing can be bad when it comes to vitamins. If a child does take too many vitamins, contact your health care professional or even the local poison control facility.

Sometimes a pediatrician prescribes vitamins for a child. If so, purchase the best available. There are differences in quality. Vitamins are held in debate among doctors. Some feel they are necessary. Some feel that they are not necessary if people are eating properly. The fact is, who really follows the Food Pyramid? Do you as an adult get five to seven servings of fruits and vegetables every day? Does your child? Supplementation is a good idea, but you can contact the pediatrician first.

One thing is certain. Vitamins are not meant as a replacement for good food. Nor are they supposed to be a quick fix for an ongoing junk food diet. Teach your child about nutrition. Do things to make nutritious foods taste good. Make good eating fun. You can have a child help prepare the meal in some small way. You can find an alternative for foods a child does not like. For example, if a child does not like milk, see if she will eat raw almonds, which contain calcium. Let your child help pick out some fruits and vegetables when you go shopping. Make vegetable pizzas for lunch or dinner. By using some of these tips you will find you can help your child have a better diet and get the nutrition he or she needs.


Benefit Real Food

Many of you have seen “What The Health” for some strange reason some of you have concluded that the information was biased. Well, I stand as living proof that a whole food plant-based lifestyle is the only lifestyle proven to reverse and prevent! Heart disease, diabetes, and cancer just to name a few.

I would love an opportunity to share the principles of our Whole-Person Plant-Strong Lifestyle Movement with your community. Our Whole-Person Plant-Strong lifestyle is built on principles that I live each day. I am 49 years old even with celiac, arthritis, and vitiligo, I am not on any prescription drugs. I have a blood pressure of 98 over 69 my cholesterol is 172, my glucose is 100, and I weigh 135 pounds. I am healthier now than I have ever been in my life

It makes me sad, and very angry, to see so many of us eating ourselves to death! I would love to teach you how to exchange your traditional recipes for their healthier, more affordable, nutritious, plant-based varieties. It’s time out for existing in denial. It’s time to live the abundant God designed life, we were all created for with hope, in freedom with Liberty! Please join us on this journey of living a life with fewer regrets!

Guidelines on the Go!

Eating on the go guidelines:. Remember we don’t have control over that is being produced in grocery stores or restaurants.However,we do have control over what we choose to buy and consume.

These little changes will make a difference. If the missing elements in our lifestyle are vitamins and minerals why do we focus on protein? That one nutrient is not going to help to achieve the goal of total Health and Wellness.

One of the goals of our movement is to consume colorful whole, unprocessed foods as close to the way God created them as possible. Eat smaller portions, slowly, around a table with others.

When you’re out and on-the-go remember the rainbow is always the most important requirement. The essential color being green. Make sure you consume dark rich colors red, orange, yellow and purple the more vibrant the colors, the more nutritious the option.

Before you order or eat anything ask yourself

5 questions

1 Is this real food, can I recognize and pronounce the ingredients?

2 If I left it out on my counter would it spoil?

3 Will this add to or take away from the good bacteria in your digestive tract? (Remember your digestive system feeds on healthy bacteria like fiber.)

4 Will this choice lead to reward or regret?

5 Is this going to make me feel good and energized, or bad and lethargic?

Mindset shift:

Free your mind of your old way of thinking, and your life will follow.

Call to Action:

Begin to consume your meals on smaller plates this is an excellent way to control portions.


Old habits: Large processed food options, eating extremely fast alone in a car.

New habit: Smaller whole plant derived meals eaten slow, with others at a table.

Please join us on this journey of living a life with fewer regrets!

Providing hope, freedom, and liberty, for individuals trapped in unhealthy relationships, with the foods they eat, and the relationships that are eating them


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